I have a lot of people ask me what / how much they should be eating soooo here's my 💁🏻LUNCH BOWL 101.

Use this as a guide to build your lunch bowl/ plate. Remember it's a balance of protein/veggies/ good fats and a bit of crunch is always good to keep it texturally exciting.



* BASE: 1 cup of dark green leaves, whether this is spinach, arugula or kale. I like to think of this as a bed my meal is sitting on and also gives you the illusion of eating more

* LEAN PROTEIN: roughly the size of your palm (I've used pastrami here as a break from my usual chicken or fish)

* VEGGIES: 1 cup. I like to mix raw and sautéed so I don't get bored. Avoid starches like potatoes and focus on colors and greens. Eating rainbows boosts your metabolism & just looks sooo much better.

* GOOD FAT: Size of your thumb and base. Things like avocado, raw nuts. I like a bit of crunch so I usually go half and half.

* FERMENTED VEGGIES: 1- 2 tbs. These are the most underrated things ever, great for gut health and your intestinal fitness. Eg: sauerkraut & kimchi.

* DRESSING: load up on pepper and stick to either Tahini, balsamic, citrus juices or a tbs of olive oil. That's it.

Get creative, keep that tummy happy and tag me in your lunch bowl creations! Xox