Guac on erry God damn thing please!!! Why and how is it so incredibly magical?! This recipe will have you never heading out for GUAC again, it's THAT good.  



1 Medium sized Avocado

1 tbs nutritional yeast

1 pinch of pink Himalayan salt

1 pinch of cracked black pepper

1 tomatillo (chopped roughly into small cubes) 

1 jalapeño (grated)

1 mini bell pepper (grated)

1 tsp tahini



- Remove skin and seed from the avocado, place flesh in a small mixing bowl. Mash up with a fork. Don't go too crazy- I like to keep this quite "rustic" so it's texturally exciting.

- Once Avo is roughly mashed add in tahini, nutritional yeast, salt and pepper. Give it a stir.

- Add tomatillo, jalapeño and roughly stir through. Yes rustic is key! Top with nutritional yeast (yes vegan fairy dust) and a jalapeño annnnnnnnd Tadaaaaaa GUAC for daaaaaays! Serve with literally anything, veggies, chips, top your salads with it, bathe in it the options are endless really haha.