Ok this one has become a bit of a favorite of mine as it's so insanely easy (I'm talking it's going to take you all of ten mins) but looks like an actual dream. Ticks all the health boxes too ! INGREDIENTS:

2 cups spinach  

1/2 avocado  

1/2 cup egg whites  

3 x rainbow radishes (we are aiming for this to be as colorful AF so the more diff types the better!)  

1/4 cup flaked almonds  



 - Let the slicing begin! Take a mandolin slicer and set it quite thin (watch those fingers!) and start slicing you radishes. Once done set aside. 

 - slice avo with a knife, also quite thin. 

- roughly chop spinach and place in a bowl. Add avo, almonds and radish and toss ever so gently.

- pre heat fry pan, spray lightly with coconut oil and pour in egg whites. Keeping these moving around with a wooden spoon while cooking is key for these bad boys. As they start to cook and fluff up take them off the heat and add to the salad. 

- toss all ingredients in the bowl together, serve the salad naked or add a touch of lemon juice and you are good to go!