I am so super excited to announce that EAT WITH BEC is finally here!!

Did you realise that 75% of weightloss is attributed to what you eat? Pretty much if you want results, your food game needs to be on point, so this is where EAT WITH BEC is here to help!

Years ago I found out I was allergic to ERRYTHANG, well not quite but it may as well had been in my eyes at that time, I was forced to break up with some food groups and it was devastating. After some severe mourning over my loses, I developed a fascination with food and the affects it has on the body which then led to many food experiments and playing in the kitchen. I soon realised that this wasn't something to be mourning about, its a CHALLENGE and I LOVE A CHALLENGE.

Then it begun; Gluten-free, sometimes Paleo, Grain-free, Egg-free, Soy-free, occasionally Vegan, healthy versions of all my favourite foods, the options were endless! So whether you need Food-spiration, fit food ideas or step by step healthy recipes to recreate at home to bring some excitement to your health kick, EAT is here to help you shape up your lifestyle. Home cooking doesn't have to be difficult or a giant production, it should be accessible and fun and makes eating clean and healthy anything but a chore.

Happy cooking! 

xx Bec