When you Sweat with Bec it's much more than getting fit, losing pounds and feeling great. Bec has a holistic approach working  on a 'whole-package' mentality that works on building people up from the inside out. This includes everything from making sure we build a strong foundation in all your joints (which prevents injury and creates a sturdy base for strength training) to feeling confident and having a high level of self worth and becoming the fittest, healthiest version of yourself.

What can you expect?

  • One-on-one personal training sessions
  • Nutritional support and coaching, including meal plans tailored to YOU.
  • To feel and look better than you have before
  • To be a fitter, leaner, stronger and happier version of yourself.

Don't want to sweat alone? Grab a friend, get the office involved - your options are endless!

  • Group training
  • Team building, fun "Sweat sessions" for the workplace 

Have children? Whether one on one or in groups, email us for more info on the Sweat with Bec "Junior sweat sessions".


Working out around a crazy schedule can sometimes be difficult, more often than not that's when our bodies need it most. Here are some sweaty options for you so you can decide where works best for your lifestyle:

  • Exceed Physical Culture : 97 Reade Street, New York, NY, 10014
  • Home or office gym- that's right Bec can come to YOU!
  • Outdoor sessions and bootcamps- Any excuse to be outside!


Just because we have a geographical issue doesnt meant we cant get our sweat on! Long distance relationships can totally work if you put the effort in and Bec has formulated a perfect game plan to help you reach your goals from afar! Packages can vary in length of time and include:

  • Initial consultation via Skype
  • Nutritional consultation and a personalised meal plan
  • A series of workouts put together by Bec 
  • Constant support via email 

Contact us at info@sweatwithbec.com for more details or click the contact page and Bec will reach out to you!

Please note:
All sessions have a 24 - hour cancellation policy, are non refundable but transferable and have a 12 month expiry.